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The Future is Now.  Businesses need to have a presence on the web to stay ahead in the marketplace. The FCC reported in June 2001 the number of high-speed subscribers numbered about 9.6 million, a 36% increase from the beginning of the year, and a 250% increase since December 1999.  In order for business to compete in this technological marketplace they must have at least a minimal presence on the internet.  Any company that doesn’t have even a static site with general information is limiting their exposure to the millions of consumers surfing the web at all hours of the day and night. 

Creating a web presence is vital if you want to keep up with the competition.  Many consumers of both products and services will be drawn to company’s that have a web site than those that have none.  It is their introduction to the company that could potentially service their needs.  With this technology a company can enhance customer communications, manage information, transact goods and services, provide innovative information and services, improve processes, and bring their company to the forefront of the marketplace.  

Why do many still shy away from delving into the web community?  Some businesses resort to limited cookie cutter web sites that have limited functionality.  Although cost effective, these sites lack the company’s true vision and scope.  As most companies compete for customers, the ones that set themselves apart from the competition usually attract more revenue.  But in order to have a unique look outside of the cookie cutter web box, companies are asked to invest substantial development and management fees in order to keep their site fresh and innovative.  Business owners, especially small business owners, tend to shy away from including a web site their company’s portfolio for this reason.  Pavich Development Services has developed an avenue to offer small business owners customized sites with their business in mind, but without the customized price that usually goes along with it.  

AFFORDABLE means we have taken an innovative approach to our structure in order to offer small business owners a price point that is more reasonable. Most Internet consulting firms charge large up front fees to develop websites and applications from scratch, and developmental change fees when making any changes to your web site. With PDS, you pay a small up front fee and monthly licensing payments for only the applications your company uses and benefits from. If you aren't realizing the benefit of a particular application, you can remove it from use and it will reflect on your monthly payment. Now that's a safe investment! 

EASY means we specialize in just a few industries so that we can create applications that are interchangeable and functional. There is no need for costly administrative change fees. All websites and applications come with administrative tools that make it easy for the site owner to manage online content and data. There’s no need for you to learn HTML, Java, ASP or the rest of the confusing coding languages. You just have to login to your website, use basic navigation and web forms to update the content of your site.  Sounds simple? It is!

Pavich Development Services is striving to make innovation and e-business attainable for Small Business Owners.  If you would like to expand your business, bring in new clients and step into the new world of E-business then contact us today.

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