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Code 1 Sports Productions promotes Sports Events which benefit Make-A-Wish FoundationŽ of Greater Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Chapter

This three day event provides a venue where police and fire men and women from various locations can compete in a variety of team and individual sporting events.

In 2001 the City of Indianapolis hosted the World Police and Fire Games. The event was a huge success for the city, bringing thousands of police officers and firefighters from around the world to Indianapolis.

At the time, Kurt Spivey was a seasoned karate competitor and a patrolman for the Indianapolis Police Department. The combination of the two landed him as the karate competition coordinator, for the games. Kurt also had a couple of amateur boxing bouts and had spent about a year working as a professional boxing referee. With a vested interest in the sport of boxing, he kept a close eye on the World Police and Fire Games Boxing Competition.

After the smoke cleared from the World Police and Fire Games, plans were immediately in place to send a team from Indianapolis to next world wide event. Fundraisers were needed to pay for travel expenses. With his background and experiences, Kurt decided he would attempt to host a police and fire boxing competition to raise money. With the insight of Ron Kern Promotions, ran by Kurt’s uncle, the first “911 SLUGFEST” was promoted in June of 2002. The word was put out, and Kurt immediately received a call from an Indianapolis Firefighter who wanted to compete. He registered for the event and was geared up to fight. Unfortunately, Firefighter Paul Jolliff died in the line of duty, before the fights took place. Respectfully so, those who have fallen are remembered before every event. In light of the tragedy, the event was a complete success and was quickly named as an annual event. 911 SPORTS was incorporated, and continued to run the yearly show.

After the second show, focus was moved to those in more need of the funds. In 2004 the 911 SPORTS Boxing Gym was opened at 5147 N. Brouse Ave. The focus was to provide quality boxing training to underprivileged kids. After a couple of years, the ability to keep kids in the program had diminished. The gym was closed and 911 SPORTS needed a new focus. After a little research, Kurt read about the Make-A-Wish Foundation. An immediate connection was made after he read about how the very first wish granted was to a boy who wished to be a police officer for a day. It was then learned that after The Make-A-Wish FoundationŽ was formed, the first official wish was granted to a seven-year-old boy wishing to be a firefighter. Reading more heart moving stories about granted wishes, gave him the desire to get more involved.

In January 2008, The Slugfest Promotional Team was invited to St. Louis to meet with the coordinators of their “Guns and Hoses” police and fire boxing competition. After a dinner meeting, it was clear that the Slugfest was not living up to its potential. Plans were immediately constructed to make this one of the largest yearly sporting events in Indy. The Slugfest was then scheduled for November of 2008 and talks began with Conseco Fieldhouse, to move the event there. Unfortunately, a change in the Indiana State Law and a tragedy in an unrelated police and fire-boxing event caused us to put this show on hold.

This break allowed our imaginations to wander, and ambitions to grow. Our staff decided to open the competition up to other who had the interest in competitions other than boxing or mixed martial arts. A plan was devised and the Indiana Police and Fire Olympics were set into motion. Indianapolis…..2010!

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